About Kim Senn Consulting

I Have Walked a Mile in Your Shoes

Innovation includes constant re-evaluation, re-invention, and re-organization

  • Re-evaluation of business process.
  • Re-invention of business applications.
  • Re-organizing of business resources.

Multifamily companies have embraced the SaaS and PaaS business models. They have come to expect software via a subscription based cloud offering.

They are now evaluating other outsource opportunities that will allow them to focus on property operations and leverage third party specialists to assist in the back office functions such as Accounting, Support, Training, and Network/Desktop management.

With the right partnership, outsourcing can be a cost effective way to manage the amount of resources your company requires in and expanding or shrinking economy. Special project or deployment resources can be added as needed, but removed at the conclusion.

Whether your company selects one software platform to meet their business application requirements or adopts a best of breed software approach, Kim Senn Consulting can assist. We are software agnostic and have the skills set to implement, train, and support several software platforms in the multifamily industry.

Kim Senn has been implementing, training, and supporting multifamily business applications since 1990. She has been on the forefront of every major emerging software change in the multifamily industry. Kim has worked for private owners, fee managers, and property management software companies.

Our goal at Kim Senn Consulting is to serve the multifamily industry by providing extra resources for your company as needed, work with companies to improve business process, build better integration points and work flow required by property management companies, and to work directly with end users to use the applications effortlessly.