Tis The Season – Budget Season!

Budget Season is very similar to the NFL Training Camp. The season begins in June or July with Budget Camps and end with the Super Bowl (data import into Accounting) in February.  Training camp for Budget Season begins with the coaches preparing for the upcoming season. What budgeting tool will we be utilizing?  Are we Read more

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

I know it is cliché but it still rings true!  A lot of people ask me for our company bio and we all know a bio is supposed to tell the story of your company and each person in it.  I have to say when asked for this I feel as if we all moan Read more

Things break so they can be fixed

Today I am reflecting on broken things.  One of my dear friends once told me, “things break so they can get the attention they need in order to be fixed”. I can recall at one time I was working an extreme amount of overtime hours to keep a project on track. And when I thought Read more

Becoming the right leader can be the difference between success or failure. How do you lead?

Everyday I am learning what it means to be a leader at the stage I am currently in.  I have always been a leader. In school, I was the president of clubs and at work I always took the lead on projects. As my career advanced, I began to lead teams. Most of the time, Read more

SharePoint for Property Management Companies

I love SharePoint! I love how it can assist companies in centralizing information and provide team collaboration sites for employees.  I have discovered some property management companies shy away from SharePoint because they perceive it will be difficult to manage and maintain. Or companies believe SharePoint is for larger companies.  I believe the opposite is Read more

The Art of Communication while teaching your child to drive

My youngest child just received her driving permit. A big grin beaming from ear to ear as she is now ready to drive. She has never driven anything except an occasional golf cart or go cart. So she is truly an entry level driver. I have always thought myself a pretty good communicator. How fast Read more

My multifamily child is leasing their first apartment!

I find it ironic that I am giving advice to my children on leasing an apartment after being in the multifamily industry for so long.  For years, my children asked what I actually did for a living.  When I explained so passionately about property management software. websites, and interfaces they listened intently but with blank stares. Read more

Apartment Communities helping Communities

Something has been on my heart for a while and I hope I can make it a reality some day. I work primarily on the technology side of the multifamily industry.  Therefore, when I visit an apartment community it is in a support, training, or implementation capacity. In my personal life, I have a passion Read more

Outsourcing in the Multifamily Industry

We are in the business of leasing apartments.  That is the primary objective. It takes a variety of corporate staff to make the magic happen seamlessly each month. Operations, Accounting, Technology, Training, and Marketing to name a few. Our industry has evolved into streamlined 24 hour a day virtual offices, leasing apartments, processing paperwork, and procuring Read more