Kim Senn Consulting are business applications expert dedicated to the multifamily industry. If you are seeking to implement a new software platform or want to improve work flow processes we can help, because we don’t just solve problems, we build relationships.

Kim Senn consulting can help you determine the right business applications for your business requirements. We will spend time with your operations and accounting staff to document your business requirements. Based upon our findings, we will bring software vendors to demonstrate their product features. We will work closely with the vendors ensuring they understand your business requirements and can showcase their application features that will solve your business needs. Once the selection has been determined, Kim Senn Consulting can follow thru with oversight of the implementation and project management.

Kim Senn Consulting can be your dedicated resource when implementing new business applications. We will work side by side with your vendor and corporate staff.

Kim Senn Consulting can prepare and maintain the planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling of resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria for your business application.

Kim Senn Consulting can help you maximize your business applications. We can learn your business practices and review your software settings in order to recommend changes. We can implement changes and train staff on new processes.

Client Services

Kim Senn Consulting are business applications expert dedicated to the multifamily industry.  If you are seeking to implement a new software platform or want to improve work flow processes we can help.


Kim Senn Consulting can become your frontline resource. Support tickets can be submitted via ZenDesk to our dedicated support representatives. Our staff will resolve support tickets based on your company’s policies and procedures. If unable to resolve, we will escalate to the software vendor and follow up until resolution. We will provide monthly support analytics so you can see the number and types or issues being reported.


Kim Senn Consulting can be your dedicated training resource. We will take time to learn your company’s policies and procedures. This enables our trainers to teach your staff how to navigate key business applications and the policies required during each step. We offer various training options:

There are three options for deploying training:

  • Classroom training. This will be conducted in a classroom environment. The class size will depend upon the facilities capacity. Client can either rent space from a vendor. Or you can have dedicated training laptops setup in a conference room or clubhouse. Classrooms will need to be equipped with internet connectivity.
  • Onsite training. This will be conducted at the property location. Staff will be trained individually or in a small groups. Training will consist of either the software vendors developed training materials or topics/tasks that pertain that day. This method of training is beneficial because the students are utilizing actual work to be performed in their assigned job.
  • Web based training. This will be conducted via the web utilizing Go to Meeting. The class will be structured according to product or need. This tool is most effective in targeting specific training such as Lead Management or correcting common mistakes. This type of training will be one-on-one or very small groups.
  • Training Video Creation. We can create a custom on demand video you can store in your Learning Management System or Corporate Intranet. We can highlight your company’s policies and procedures throughout the applications training. This extremely efficient in onboarding new employees with standard HR policies.
  • Training Materials. We can create your end user custom documentation and training materials. We will include applications screen shots and embed your policies and procedures.


Kim Senn Consulting can help get your new asset live on your software platform quickly and efficiently. We work with your team to determine settings that need to be configured post migration.


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With over 25 years multifamily experience across virtually every management software platform, Kim has a passion for helping property management companies increase their revenue by way of improving business processes, empowering employees with better training, and offering her expertise across all areas of operation. Kim has a ‘roll up her sleeves’ approach to solving problems that not only gets things done fast, but gets them done right. She is platform agnostic, yet is uniquely qualified to solve her clients biggest technology challenges. If you would like to know how Kim can help you, please call 844.454.6736.