I love SharePoint! I love how it can assist companies in centralizing information and provide team collaboration sites for employees.  I have discovered some property management companies shy away from SharePoint because they perceive it will be difficult to manage and maintain. Or companies believe SharePoint is for larger companies.  I believe the opposite is true. 

You may want a SharePoint Site if you have a common documents that many people update and need to maintain version control.

You may want a SharePoint Site if you have employees in various locations and need to collaborate, communicate key dates/project, or access files.

You may want a SharePoint if you want to create a simple help desk tracking system.

You may want a SharePoint Site if you want a central location to store and access property photos, floor plans and contracts.

Eliminate the Monday Morning Dance

Every Monday Morning in the multi-family world, community managers and administrative assistants are scurrying around preparing the portfolio roll up report.  Emails with attachments are sent back and forth until the final spreadsheet is compiled and distributed.

With a SharePoint site, the Monday Portfolio spreadsheet is stored in one location. Users check out the document, update with current figures, and save.  The spreadsheet is available to everyone with approved credentials to view.  Notifications can be sent when the spreadsheet is completed from SharePoint.

Corporate Calendar

Monthly calendars are created and distributed from each property management department and emailed to employees.  With a SharePoint Site, each Department can maintain their calendar and have it roll up to a corporate calendar.  This helps minimize double booking meetings/training, or scheduling activities back to back.

Document and Image Library

Each property has contracts, documents, photos and floor plans.  These are usually saved on a network drive and emailed to employees upon request.  With a SharePoint Site all of these items can be stored in the cloud and accessed from any location with the proper access. 

How to get started with SharePoint

There are many entry points to obtain SharePoint.  Office365 includes a version of SharePoint. Depending upon number of Office365 user licenses companies can be granted an Enterprise version with ample storage. Companies can purchase SharePoint Foundation with is SharePoint Lite and have it hosted at Microsoft or a hosting company of their choosing.

Contact me if you would like to discuss further. Or share your experience with creating a corporate intranet.