I know it is cliché but it still rings true!  A lot of people ask me for our company bio and we all know a bio is supposed to tell the story of your company and each person in it.  I have to say when asked for this I feel as if we all moan a little inside thinking ugh, what am I supposed to say right?  I know I cannot be the only one with those thoughts.  I instantly blank on my history, my hobbies and cute stories about my journey.


This week our team has been together building our training knowledge and product knowledge.  Along the way we have had a chance to bond and meet and exchange ideas face to face, now I know we talk every day as we work together to complete projects and provide amazing support to our clients but there is something different that comes out when you get together to further educate each other and grow our product knowledge so we can share new and exciting things with our clients.


This week I have learned so much more then that as we go through our classes, talk to each other and others in our industry.  We have discussed pain points in different areas and brainstormed amazing solutions to help create better workflows and implementations to alleviate these pain points.  I am amazed at the level of talent we truly possess in our team and so proud to be a part of it.  We each have such a unique journey through this industry and yet in every different aspect it has ultimately led us to each other while maintaining a drive in each of us to help others to better our industry through software, processes, implementations and so much more.  We each bring unique perspectives to every issue that arises and that allows for our team to truly dive into an issue and come up with solutions that make sense from the top tier corporate office all the way into the site level hands.  We have accounting, management, site level, systems, support, implementation, and marketing backgrounds and so much more!


As we go through this week we have bonded on an even deeper level as we all drive towards a common goal; to help others in our industry succeed!  I have seen that it truly takes a team effort and it will never be a one-person journey.  We are so much stronger together and as we grow our business we grow our friendship and family values, we care about each other and not just in what you have completed but in how our families are doing, how our lives matter from every aspect.  Isn’t the age-old adage to find work life balance, haven’t we all heard once or twice in this industry that your health is more important, yet we have all been in the trap of the 24/7 mentality! However, in our formula we have found that balance and we make time for all things that matter.


So, when people ask me for our company bio, I think I would say that we are a team of experts from all walks of our industry.  We have had our boots on the ground in every aspect of this industry.  And although we have a combined experience of over a 100 years we are still learning right beside you every day and we work to improve our knowledge harder then anyone we know!  We care about our team and I can promise you we will care about yours as well!  We know how to work hard, and we know how to play hard as well!  We are not afraid to hit the difficult issues head on and work through them with clear transparent communication.  We will be with you through every process all the way, we will never leave you in the dark left with pieces to pick up and put together!


I love our team!  And I know you will too!  Come see what happens when you have a team that truly makes the dream work for you!



-Sandy Leider