Today I am reflecting on broken things.  One of my dear friends once told me, “things break so they can get the attention they need in order to be fixed”. I can recall at one time I was working an extreme amount of overtime hours to keep a project on track. And when I thought my over the top work ethic was solving the issue it was actually hindering it. The more I worked around the broken software/process, the solutions team was left in the dark about the problem.  Support tickets are analyzed on a regular basis to uncover broken processes or evaluate resources required. I have had to learn when to let go and allow something to break and when to rise to the occasion to get something over the goal line.


My philosophy works on most problems we are faced with, both personally and professionally.


For example, the check scanner is not working. Therefore, I must take my funds to the bank daily. The money is being deposited in the bank, but the most efficient tool is not being utilized.  The problem may be a simple fix such as cleaning the scanner or downloading a new driver. Or it could be a larger issue. The scanner is outdated and needs to be replaced with a newer model.


Another examples the financial statements do not look accurate. The accountant is making journal entries month after month to correct the problem. Upon deeper review, the software system is not being utilized correctly. The company engages in a new hire onboard training program and retrains everyone company wide. The financial reports improve, and the accountant is not making monthly corrections.


What is not working for you?  Do you need to re-evaluate?