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Team Work Makes The Dream Work!

I know it is cliché but it still rings true!  A lot of people ask me for our company bio and we all know a bio is supposed to tell the story of your company and each person in it.  I have to say when asked for this I feel as if we all moan Read more

Things break so they can be fixed

Today I am reflecting on broken things.  One of my dear friends once told me, “things break so they can get the attention they need in order to be fixed”. I can recall at one time I was working an extreme amount of overtime hours to keep a project on track. And when I thought Read more

Becoming the right leader can be the difference between success or failure. How do you lead?

Everyday I am learning what it means to be a leader at the stage I am currently in.  I have always been a leader. In school, I was the president of clubs and at work I always took the lead on projects. As my career advanced, I began to lead teams. Most of the time, Read more